International Business (MA.IB)

Hochschule Mainz
City, country:
Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
M.A. (Master of Arts)
4 semester(s)


The MA.IB is embedded in the prestigious Consortium of International Double Degrees programme which promotes exchange and double degree agreements amongst over a dozen high-quality universities worldwide.

This programme has been established to enable students to gain the cross-cultural experience necessary to successfully apply their management skills in globally active companies.

The MA.IB programme’s multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual approach, its focus on the application of management theories and tools in case studies, the professors’ own management experience in multinational companies and cross-cultural consultancy, the applied projects in multinational companies, and the Master thesis in cooperation with international businesses, ensure that our graduates are perfectly prepared for an international business career.
Prof. Dr. Daniel Porath Programme Director

Job description and job opportunities

The MA.IB programme allows you to acquire skills needed in international business. It broadens your knowledge adding a truly international perspective to your business education and prepares you for middle management positions and helps you to further develop your leadership skills.

As a graduate of the MA.IB programme, future employers will appreciate your intellectual capacity, your ability to cooperate in and to lead culturally diverse working groups, and your willingness to be internationally mobile. You will have mastered applied projects and the final thesis, thus demonstrating your focus on practical, target-oriented

With the MA.IB degree, you will clearly stand out from many of the other business graduates.


1. Semester:
  • International Business Environment
  • Leadership and Organisation
  • Quantitative Analytical Methods
  • Qualitative Analytical Methods
  • International Accounting
  • Language Option 1:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
2. Semester:
  • International Business Law
  • Business Policy
  • Internat. Marketing and Export Management
  • International Corporate Finance
  • Language Option 2
3. Semester - Option 1-5:
From any business related topic – taken at the partner university

Applied Project:
Practical experience between first and second year of studies

4. Semester - Master Thesis
Research paper in English or another language, if appropriate

Practical relevance

Participants apply the analytical tools learned in the first two semesters to a real-life case. Ideally, students do the applied project work in an international company in the summer break between the first and second year of studies.

As students usually move from Mainz to a partner university – or from the partner university to Mainz – the applied project may be supervised by the partner university abroad.

In exceptional cases, in particular when students do not manage to find a company for their practical project, the partner university or FH Mainz – University of Applied Sciences will assign a larger case study to them as a practical project. After completion of the project, the learning success has to be reported back to the supervisor.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Overview of Tuition Requirements:
The question of tuition is currently being discussed in several European countries. Some have already introduced tuition fees, others are expected to do so soon.

Tuition for the first year in Mainz:

  • Students with a German or international Bachelor degree: tuition free!
  • Students with a German "Diplom" degree: tuition fee of EUR 650.00 per semester (applicants with a credit balance on their Rhineland-Palatinate "Studienkonto" may use these credits).
    However, the second-year-stay at the partner university follows the rules of the host university’s law.
Tuition for the second year at the partner university:
  • Tuition for the second year stay at the partner university follows the rules of the host university’s law. Therefore, tuition has to be paid at the partner university. In some countries, a limited number of MA.IB students are accepted tuition free.
Application requirements:
If you wish to apply for the MA.IB programme at the School of Business you need to meet the following criteria:
  • You hold a Bachelor degree in Management or Business studies (3 years fulltime or 180 ECTS minimum) with above-average marks (minimum requirement: ECTS mark C). If neither the national certificate of your first degree nor the “Diploma Supplement” provide the information of an ECTS mark, you have to show a certification with which the degree awarding institution confirms that the average mark achieved corresponds to the ECTS mark of C or better.
  • You speak at least three different languages whereof one has to be English (e.g. English, German, Russian or English, French, Chinese etc.). A working knowledge of two languages other than English is required for admission to the programme. German is not a requirement. However, if you start in the MA.IB courses of German language and culture are mandatory for students with no or rudimentary skills in German.
  • You are asked to present a letter (approximately two pages) explaining your motivation for studying the MA.IB Programme. The MA.IB Board of Examiners has the right to conduct (telephone) interviews in order to test your motivation.
  • We ask you to indicate your regional preferences for the second year of studies (study stay abroad) in the application package you submit.
Application deadline is June 15th of a year. The programme starts every fall.

Languages and semester abroad

Sprache verpflichtend:
Sprache freiwillig bzw. Wahlfach:
Chinese, German, French, Spanish
semester abroad:
Students spend the first year of their studies at the home university and the second year at the partner university. In Mainz, all modules indicated below are open to incoming exchange students from abroad.

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Short periods of study, international courses and practical orientation – these are the characteristics of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, at which approximately 4400 students are currently studying.

The common feature of all fields of study is the application orientation of the university, which has excellent contacts to the regional economy and public institutions. By always keeping practical aspects in mind and by the constant innovative adaption of the study programme contents to the requirements of the labour market, the University of Applied Sciences Mainz offers attractive future-oriented education with promising professional prospects.

In addition, the establishment of seven independent institutes over the last few years has enhanced the area of applied sciences and development.

Studying in Mainz

Mainz is the capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate, one of the 16 states (Bundesländer) of the Federal Republic of Germany, and also part of the Frankfurt- Rhein-Main metropolitan area, Germany’s financial centre and seat of the European Central Bank.

The city of Mainz is an extremely attractive place for foreign students and a magnet for countless tourists. It is rich with cultural monuments, offers plenty of cultural events throughout the year and many leisure possibilities.

Broad, spacious squares and open places, lovingly-restored half-timbered houses and magnificent Baroque churches give Mainz’s Old Town, its inner city, its charming, ‘old world and traditional’ or ‘gemütlich’ character. With three universities in town, Mainz hosts about 35,000 students. The university campuses are located within the city limits and easily accessible by public transportation.

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