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part-time / distance learning
Zertifikat (Zertifikat)
9 months


Our main objective is the practice-oriented, compact and systematic advancement of knowledge in business economics. Participants learn how to apply their newly gained skills in practice for the benefit of their company.
Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma

Job description and job opportunities

This intensive course in Business Administration is tailored to the requirements of both senior and junior executives who wish to acquire comprehensive skills in business administration to complement the expert knowledge they already possess.


  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Accounting I: Balance and P&L
  • Accounting II: Cost and Output Accounting System
  • Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Investment Analysis
  • Management Studies I: Leadership and Organisation
  • Management Studies II: Strategic Management
  • Economics

Admission/Entrance requirements

study fees:
€ 4800

The tuition fees include all the study materials and examination fees. There are no additional fees at all.

The following admissions requirements for the Intensive Courses in Business Administration apply:

  • completed graduate study at a university
  • or completed technical professional
  • or commercial apprenticeship
  • as well as 3 years of professional experience

Distance Learning Course

Normal working hours remain unaffected. The participant may freely organise his study time. In this way the participant may flexibly integrate this course of study into his professional and private life.

In the context of a Distance Learning Course the so-called self-learning competences play an important role. As they form an intergral part of our intensive courses of study we are dedicated to furthering and challenging them alike. These competences include the following issues:
  • how do I organise my studies:
    • time factor
    • motivation levels
    • dealing with stress
    • keeping up concentration?
  • how can I actively acquire the relevant knowledge and identify the essential?
  • how can I revise my knowledge, structure it and keep it fresh in my mind for a long time?
Nowadays these competences are of great importance to our professional lives. Lasting success is granted to the person who understands how to acquire knowledge relevant to him in a fast and targeted way, how to keep it up-to-date and how to distinguish important issues from unimportant ones.

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People are at the centre of our endeavours. Companies are shaped by people in the first place. They are the ones who develop goals and ideas and who are ultimately responsible for the success or the failure of a company.

Our objective is to impart knowledge of business administration in order to further the participants' personal and professional development which can ultimately prove conducive to a company's lasting success.

Our guiding principle is to provide the highest possible standard of quality of teaching and service alike. Merely imparting consolidated knowledge of business administration does not suffice. We set a high standard of quality with regards to the assistance and support we offer our participants, the rendering of various processes as well as the teaching materials provided.

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