Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) der RPTU
part-time / distance learning
M.Eng. (Master of Engineering)
4 semester(s)


Software plays a dominant role in most areas with embedded systems (for example in the automotive sector). Businesses are faced with the challenge of tasking experienced engineers with software engineering more and more frequently. The distance learning programme provides the participants with well-founded theoretical knowledge and the ability to acquire according practical methods, techniques and tools in the field of software engineering.

The distance learning programme “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” is accredited to award the academic degree Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).


At the moment, the tuition fees are EUR 2,450 per semester, plus a social contribution. The one-time fee for the Master's thesis currently amounts to EUR 720. For more information please visit our website.

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Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) der RPTU

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